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ATTENTION: For Those of You Who Are Serious About Creating BIG Results In Your Personal Life And Taking Your Business To The Next Level...
Discover What You Need to Know About Mastering Your Life Success And Running a Profitable Business 
In 12 Proven Systematic Steps!

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What You Will Learn From This Presentation:
Step #1
How to Set Worthy Goals
Most people set themselves the wrong goals, which is why they never win in life. 
Discover the true art of goal setting and even more importantly goal achieving! 
Step #2
How to Bridge Your Knowing - Doing Gap
Discover what your knowing-doing gap is and how it's secretly sabotaging your dreams, then master the secret sauce to bridging that gap and achieving anything you put your mind to.
Step #3
How To Truly Make Money & Live The Lifestyle YOU Really Want!
Start to think in prosperity by using a very specific technique which will be revealed to you. 
Discover how to better your relationship with money, and it will bring riches to you faster than you can imagine. 
Plus 9 More Proven Success Steps Used By THE Most Successful People of This World!
Andrew Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Bob Proctor, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Rockefeller and Many More...

What America's Greatest Prosperity Teacher is Saying...
"A skilled lifestyle and business coach, Alpa is helping individuals reach levels of success they never thought possible. 
With a mix of coaching and mentoring, Alpa is gaining influence for her coaching business Mind Matrixx Coaching, 
by helping professionals and individuals focus thoughts and desires and develop actionable plans that lead to permanent results
I am proud to be associated with Alpa"
-Bob Proctor
Americas's Greatest Prosperity Teacher

What Clients Are Saying...
“ I was £240,000 in debt in just 12 months I have cleared £200,000 off my debt. I can’t even remember when I started using the system in  FULL with Alpa, but I can remember where I was, and it wasn’t a good place. I was sitting in my shop struggling to pay bills and find a way out of the debt that was mounting. Alpa helped me find my true passion and helped me run with it. I look back now at what I had written in the worksheets that comes with this system and the person who wrote them does not exist. Before I would just sit in the shop with my head in my hands and worry and think how to pay my debts. After using this system I learnt that my actions and my thinking were causing my results and once I understood this I was able to go out and actively make money as I needed it. I have also achieved two of my main goals which I set out at the start of doing this. The first goal was to have £70,000 in a year and my business closed with a turnover of around £77,000. The second goal was to have my own karate club and by this November I will have at least 5 karate schools all running around Hertfordshire.. The system has helped me find myself and it has showed me a clear way of how I can do what I love and earn money in a way that I have never done. It has put me on a path of learning more. I love it and so will you!”
-Vijay Pathak (UK)
Vijay became debt free...
Sheldon gained  value and was inspired  ...
“I have been very fortunate to have worked with some of the top inspirational leaders and mentors in the world today. Alpa Pandya is no exception and stands out as one of the most inspiring individuals that I have ever had the pleasure to work with! As a certified coaching consultant for the Great Bob Proctor, the system Alpa uses, together with her expansive knowledge and “action plan” approach, it truly has been a great example that I will always value and appreciate! It is real a pleasure to refer Alpa and her valuable knowledge to many friends and colleagues around the world”
-Sheldon Cahoon (Vancouver)

Amal gained clarity...
"As a doctor and a musician I was looking for clarity through self-examination as to how I can reach my potential in these two significant areas of my life. Alpa was a fantastic mentor through this system and she maintained a high level of accountability, compassion and commitment. She was able to see my potential as a musician and cultivate this part of my thinking so that my dreams became achievable goals. This system is based on solid foundations with references to great works on success"
Dr Amal Lad (UK)

Heta's lifestyle has changed...
"This system has changed my lifestyle and my way of thinking. I have made this a daily process of my life. I learn something new from this everyday and I still want to know more and rediscover myself. People around me have noticed a change in me and my results. 
My initial goal was achieved within a few months of using this system. I have now re-enrolled and hired Alpa as my personal coach, she helps me get results fast!"
-Heta Ramaiya (UK)

Jayden bagged a 
huge record deal...

"One of my big goals was to be signed up by T-Series who are one of the biggest record labels in India (equivalent to Sony or HMV) and Alpa talked me through what I needed to do and how to go about achieving my big goal. It didn’t happen straight away but I have achieved this now and I have officially been signed by T-Series. 
“Things were not progressing as they should in my career I spoke to Alpa and she took me on board. 
I personally owe it not even to myself but it’s down to Alpa, because it was just a dream and when I first spoke to Alpa it was a dream I believed in. That’s the difference between just dreaming and believing in your dream. And that’s what this system does for you. I owe it all to Alpa really.”
-Jayden Raichura (UK)
Will has had success 
in relationships and increased his self confidence...
"This system has provided me with the qualities needed to succeed in interviews, in life and in relationships. It has provided me with the inspiration to break away from societal expectations and to live a life on my own terms. It has reprogrammed my subconscious mind and paradigms, and has led to dramatic improvements in my level of self-confidence and self-awareness. It has made me much happier, much more fulfilled and has led to me securing a permanent job and a fulfilling love-relationship. Alpa has helped me focus my thoughts and desires, and she has given me lots of really helpful advice on how to minimise anxiety and negativity in my life. She was kind, welcoming, appreciative, inspiring; and the fact that she came from nothing and achieved all her dreams meant that I now believe the same can happen to me if I follow the laws, do exactly what she did in ‘A Certain Way’ " 
Will -Lewis Smith (UK)

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